I’m just over 7 months sober at this point and been separated 7 months as well.  A lot has happened in that timeframe.  So, thinking about what I want to accomplish in the next 3-6 months I feel can help my mind in the right place.  

  1. Stay sober the rest of my life
  2. Continue my lifting program.  I would like to loose another 5 pounds of fat and gain another 15 in muscle.  
  3. Have the divorce proceedings over with.
  4. Continue to develop client relationships and set myself up for a successful career in 2018 and beyond.
  5. Develop a true friendship with my ex-wife so we can set a great example for our daughter.
  6. Continue to build a higher relationship with God and trust in his plan.

Happy Fathers Day To… Me

So I’ve been trying to get out of this funk all day.  I got to spend the day with my daughter which is great of course.  But, all day, something was missing.  It’s my first Father’s Day without my ex wife with us.  It’s hard to not notice and realize that this is my new norm.  It also was hard no one said happy Father’s Day to me outside of just a small group like 4 people.  Not one of her family, not one of my friends or her friends.

I’ve been pretty happy lately overall and working to keep not too high not too low.  But, days like today are there to humble me to remind me much work is left to be done to heal and move forward.  Without the work, these days will stay the same.  With out the work, I’ll never progress instead I’ll regress.  It’s fine I know it will be.  I’m content with being sad.  I’m learning to handle the sadness and enjoy the moments with my daughter.  One day, I look forward to my daughter seeing in my actions how to handle hard situations and truly be a good adult.  I will be there someday until then I’m sad.  

Progress in working out

I haven’t shared much about my fitness lately.  Well, I think it’s going great.  I’ve changed my goals from losing weight to gaining muscle.  What are my goals?  Where did I start?  Where am I?

My goals are to gain 15-20 pounds of muscle from where I was of 175 and I’ll probably loose fat along the way so I’m gonna just have to go by the eye test more then anything.  

I started at 175 with little to low amounts of muscle.  I was lean.  I looked at a photo of myself 2 months ago about when I started to lift hard.  I can’t even tell you how much different I look.  My shoulders and pretty much everywhere else is starting to show definition finally.  

Now I share this not to boast actually to say it’s like sobriety, it’s like inner peace, it’s like spirituality and anything else you can think of that I consider a major change.  It takes time.  It really does.  You have to stay focused and motivated to do the best each day.  Trust me before you know it there will be a change 


It’s amazing how every aspect of my goals this week have been strained.  My sobriety, my faith in God, my fitness goals, my career, my relationships with loved ones, and most of all my inner peace.  All because when a couple challenging events happened I went back to my old shortcomings to solve my problems.  I was full of self pity, controlling, and being selfish.  What do I take from this that’s positive?  A couple things,

  • Awareness of I have more work to do on my self.
  • A game plan to be armed to solve these issues in the future
  • The game plan is to write down my gratitude list.  Everything I’m grateful for.  Plus, truly give it to God.  Have him deal with it while I go out and help others.  
  • Progress because it would’ve taken me longer to realize or not at all when I was drinking
  • That I’m still sober and I just celebrated my 6 month anniversary of being sober
  • I have family and friends that truly love me for me.  I don’t know if I could say that 6 months ago.  

I’ve got work to do but I am armed and motivated as ever to push forward.  I’m going to make a great life for myself and my loved ones on the other side.  I don’t know what the future holds but I’m truly excited to see what is in store for me.  It’s not all gonna be what I want but it will all serve a purpose to help me reach my ultimate goals.  

    Bad Day

    It’s fitting that a couple days before my 6 months sober anniversary I was given a big test in my life.  I had that day we all have where one big thing stabs us like a dagger right through the heart while you continuously get picked at by sharp objects by other annoying events all day.  It can drive you crazy if you don’t let the first thing go.  Understand what happened was not your action.  All you can do is control how you handle it.  If you are successful those other smaller cuts don’t bother you that much.  How did I do?  I failed.  My day was ruined and got worse by the minute.  I went back to my old self pity and poor me world that I’m so good at.  One day, I’ll succeed these tests and be able to make the right choices during these days.  I’m learning more everyday and I will continue to progress as a man.  

    Thank God tomorrow’s a new day.  I will start anew and will be ready to tackle my next challenge.  

    Little things

    I am thankful for the little things today.  I’m truly able to say I’m blessed to have the life and loved ones I have in it.  Of course, my life is not perfect I’m getting a divorce, financially going through a rough time, and I live with my parents at age 35.  Through all this, I’m choosing to be happy with what I have.  What do I have to be grateful for?  One, although we are getting a divorce we truly care enough about each other to be able to sit down for a nice dinner tonight.  It was a great dinner talking about our daughter and our own lives.  Catching up on things to ensure we are communicating on what’s best for our daughter.  Not many divorced couples can and will do that.  Two, my parents have given me unwavering support through my difficult time.  Three, I was able to lay with my daughter and watch her go to sleep tonight.  She makes all my problems go away.  My love for her is a bond that I can’t put into words.  She doesn’t know this but I think I’ve learned more about life then I’ve taught her.  She continues to show me what’s important and possible.  


    I use to look at gratitude a lot different before I came to AA.  I’ve always been grateful for my family friends wife daughter the usual.  But, never showed it.  I didn’t show them how much I care.  I didn’t take the time to make them feel the love and happiness they give me.  Two examples, one involving my ex-wife and one my daughter.  

    With my ex-wife I just sent her a message saying I’m truly grateful for her and raising our daughter together.  I meant it.  I really did.  I didn’t do it anymore then just to let her know that’s all and it felt good.  

    My daughter.  I was exhausted today I started work at 5 today and it was non stop all day.  But, when I picked her up.  I stayed in the moment.  Of course we had to play a game where a bear was chasing us.  Of course that involved me fitting in small tunnels at the playground that I was really having a hard time doing because I’m sore from working out.  But, it was all worth it.  There is nothing I want more then to be in pain doing that with her.  

    I’d say I’m beginning to truly understand this program.  Never will fully understand but I will always progress and learn more as I go.