Goals and Reflections 

I titled this one goals and reflections because I plan touching on where I am with my goals and just overall reflections of what I’m thinking.  

First goals, I’m on par with my fitness goals and believe I’m really starting to see some progress with my lifting.  I’m getting stronger each week and determined to work hard for the body I want.  My spiritual health is not progressing as I would like.  I haven’t been going to church as much as I was in the past.  But, I still talk to God each and every day.  My goals of staying sober are on track and believe I will continue to be successful.  I’ve increased my sleep from an average of 5 hours a couple months ago to almost 7 on average.  My job is going well and I’m working hard to continue to develop an amazing career for myself.  My relationship with my daughter and family has increased to another level that I didn’t know existed in a good way.  Now, my relationship with my ex wife, is fine.  I’m trying to move on and let her have her life, but it’s like I can’t shake it.  I’ll see something and it will remind me of the good times we had or a funny thing she does.  I ask myself, why can’t we fight to get back to that?  We had it, why not again?  But, it’s OVER.  I have to deal with that.  

Overall, I’m proud of my changes and where I am in life with the cards I’ve been dealt.  But, I want more.  Maybe that’s my issue as I sit here.  I want more.  I want a happy family life.  I can make all these changes but without that piece I’ll never feel complete.  So, that’s why I’ll get up tomorrow and do what I do.  I’ll do that because I know it will happen for me as long as I follow God. 


Author: msoc14

I'm a highly motivated individual looking for new ideas and explore what my life has to offer me in the future.

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