I’m just over 7 months sober at this point and been separated 7 months as well.  A lot has happened in that timeframe.  So, thinking about what I want to accomplish in the next 3-6 months I feel can help my mind in the right place.  

  1. Stay sober the rest of my life
  2. Continue my lifting program.  I would like to loose another 5 pounds of fat and gain another 15 in muscle.  
  3. Have the divorce proceedings over with.
  4. Continue to develop client relationships and set myself up for a successful career in 2018 and beyond.
  5. Develop a true friendship with my ex-wife so we can set a great example for our daughter.
  6. Continue to build a higher relationship with God and trust in his plan.

Author: msoc14

I'm a highly motivated individual looking for new ideas and explore what my life has to offer me in the future.

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