It’s amazing how every aspect of my goals this week have been strained.  My sobriety, my faith in God, my fitness goals, my career, my relationships with loved ones, and most of all my inner peace.  All because when a couple challenging events happened I went back to my old shortcomings to solve my problems.  I was full of self pity, controlling, and being selfish.  What do I take from this that’s positive?  A couple things,

  • Awareness of I have more work to do on my self.
  • A game plan to be armed to solve these issues in the future
  • The game plan is to write down my gratitude list.  Everything I’m grateful for.  Plus, truly give it to God.  Have him deal with it while I go out and help others.  
  • Progress because it would’ve taken me longer to realize or not at all when I was drinking
  • That I’m still sober and I just celebrated my 6 month anniversary of being sober
  • I have family and friends that truly love me for me.  I don’t know if I could say that 6 months ago.  

I’ve got work to do but I am armed and motivated as ever to push forward.  I’m going to make a great life for myself and my loved ones on the other side.  I don’t know what the future holds but I’m truly excited to see what is in store for me.  It’s not all gonna be what I want but it will all serve a purpose to help me reach my ultimate goals.  


    Author: msoc14

    I'm a highly motivated individual looking for new ideas and explore what my life has to offer me in the future.

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