Life/work balance

Thinking back over the last month, I don’t know if there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t done at least an hour or so of work a day.  Friday came, and I think I hit the wall.  I lost all motivation to work.  I had no desire to do anything.  This, I think, happened for a couple reasons.  

Number one, I have A lot to do and I’m constantly thinking of what I need to do.  This has led to me being less productive because I’m overwhelmed.  I’m in need of taking it step by step and know I’m not gonna accomplish it all in one day or one sitting.  I need to accept it will be there tomorrow and all I can do is just control what I have in front of me.  

Number two, I’ve not done a good job of having a release from it.  I have a tendency to think about it even when I’m away.  I never turn off my work brain if you will.  With all my changes in my life I look at it as my release of real life.  It keeps my mind off all my life changes.  But, for long term success I need to find my long term balance of work and personal life.  

I’ve decided I need one day a week.  One day a week to dedicate to personal interest or life to just enjoy.  No work.  Not think about work.  Leave it for the next day.  Let my mind be free of it.  I think I need it.  I think will be more productive because of it.  


Author: msoc14

I'm a highly motivated individual looking for new ideas and explore what my life has to offer me in the future.

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