Staying True

I’m writing about staying true to my goals today.  The reason I am is because I feel like it’s been probably the hardest week emotionally of my entire adult life.  I noticed I started to breakdown and lose sight of my goals.  I started to fall back into old bad habits.  Luckily, drinking was not one of them.  I thank God for helping me through this week.  

My first goal that started to deteriorate was my healthy eating habits.  I started eating more then usual.  I’m glad I was honest and logged my food so I was able to analyze it over the past couple days.

My workouts weren’t as much fun and had to really push through to finish them.  

What I found amazing though, I started increasing my level of commitment to AA and my foundations of staying sober.  My awareness of self pity.  Self Pity was probably the word of my week.  Why me, I would say.  Why can’t I be happy?  What can I do to change it back to the way it was?  All normal questions given my current situation, but I believe not the right questions.  I should be asking, what am I going to do this week to make it a good week?  Whom can I help to give them the strength they need?  

I’m proud to say, I’m still standing.  I’m proud to say 90 days Sober will be ME tomorrow.  I’m proud to say I’m looking forward to the man I will be 6 months from now and beyond.  I’m learning so much and know Self-Pity is not coming with me.  


Author: msoc14

I'm a highly motivated individual looking for new ideas and explore what my life has to offer me in the future.

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